Arena Mirrors 

Arena mirrors are particularly useful for dressage riders, as they allow them to see their horse's movement and posture from different angles. 
The mirrors are usually made of shatterproof glass or acrylic, and are installed in a sturdy frame that is anchored to the arena wall. They are typically positioned at a height that allows the rider to see their entire body and horse in the mirror. Depending on the size of the arena and the number of mirrors needed, installation can range from a single mirror on one wall to a set of mirrors on multiple walls. Riding with arena mirrors can help riders improve their posture, balance, and overall riding technique. By seeing themselves in the mirror, riders can identify areas where they need to make adjustments and work on correcting any imbalances or issues with their riding position. Additionally, arena mirrors can be used to help riders and trainers assess a horse's movement and performance, allowing them to make adjustments to their training program as needed. 
Arena mirrors are a valuable tool for riders and trainers looking to improve their skills and performance. They provide a visual aid that can help riders identify and correct issues with their riding technique, while also allowing trainers to assess and monitor the progress of their riders and horses. 
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