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Dressage markers are an essential part of equestrian arenas for dressage competitions and training. They help riders navigate and perform specific movements accurately within the arena. The standard dressage arena is rectangular, measuring 20 meters by 60 meters (66 feet by 197 feet), and is marked with letters around the perimeter. 
The letters used to mark the positions in a dressage arena are as follows: 
At the short sides of the arena (20-meter width): 
A: Marker at one corner 
C: Marker at the center of the short side 
E: Marker at the opposite corner from A 
Along the long sides of the arena (60-meter length): 
B: Marker at the center of the long side, opposite C 
F: Marker at the center of the long side, opposite E 
K: Marker at the corner, opposite A 
H: Marker at the corner, opposite C 
M: Marker at the corner, opposite E 
These letters form the basic set of dressage markers, and they allow riders to easily identify and execute movements and patterns during their tests. They serve as reference points for transitions, figures, and various dressage movements. 
It's important to note that while these are the standard letters used internationally, some arenas or competitions may use variations or additional markers depending on the specific requirements or organizational preferences. 
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