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Equestrian arena harrows are specialized tools used in horse riding arenas to maintain the footing and surface conditions. Harrowing refers to the process of breaking up and smoothing the soil or footing material in the arena, which helps to distribute and level the footing, remove debris, and maintain a consistent surface for horses to work on. 
There are several types of harrows commonly used in equestrian arenas: 
• Chain Harrows: Chain harrows consist of a series of metal chains with spikes or teeth attached to them. They are dragged across the arena surface to break up compacted footing, level uneven areas, and help to distribute the material evenly. Chain harrows are versatile and can be adjusted to different depths and angles to suit different arena surfaces. 
• Drag Mats: Drag mats are flat, heavy-duty mats made of steel or rubber with attached chains or tines. They are usually pulled behind a tractor or ATV to smooth out the arena footing and break up any clumps or unevenness. Drag mats are effective in maintaining the surface and can be used for both indoor and outdoor arenas. 
• Arena Rakes: Arena rakes are handheld or tractor-mounted tools with flexible tines or teeth. They are used for light harrowing and grooming of the arena surface. Arena rakes are ideal for smaller arenas or for maintaining specific areas within a larger arena, such as corners or around jumps. 
The choice of harrow depends on factors such as the size of the arena, type of footing material, and the desired maintenance level. It's important to follow manufacturer instructions and consult with professionals or arena maintenance experts to determine the most suitable harrowing equipment and techniques for your specific arena. 
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