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Equestrian arena lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient horse riding activities, particularly in indoor arenas or during nighttime events. Proper lighting allows riders and horses to see clearly, enhances visibility of obstacles and jumps, and reduces the risk of accidents. Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to equestrian arena lighting: 
• Brightness: The lighting should be bright enough to illuminate the entire arena evenly, eliminating dark spots and shadows. This ensures optimal visibility for riders, horses, and spectators. The recommended brightness levels can vary depending on the size of the arena and the specific activities taking place. 
• Uniformity: Uniform lighting distribution across the arena is essential to prevent sudden changes in light intensity, which can startle horses. Lighting fixtures should be strategically positioned and aimed to provide consistent illumination throughout the entire riding surface. 
• Durability and weather resistance: Equestrian arena lighting should be designed to withstand the rigors of the equestrian environment. Ensure that fixtures are durable, waterproof, and built to withstand potential impacts from flying debris or accidental contact by horses. 
When planning or upgrading equestrian arena lighting, it is advisable to consult with a professional lighting designer or engineer who specializes in sports lighting. They can assess your specific requirements, consider factors like arena size and usage, and recommend the most suitable lighting solution for your needs. 
Core Lighting 
Core Lighting 


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Core Lighting

Our lights are 4000K which we’ve deliberately chosen because it’s a more balanced white and therefore more pleasant to work and perform tasks under. It makes skin tones and objects more pleasant to look at. People in equestrian and sports tell us they prefer this colour temperature to other products they’ve trained under, which is why we’ve stuck with it for 12 years. Many equestrian arenas have given us really positive feedback on the product over the years. It’s a strong and robust product too. We also have lenses to focus the lighting into the arena to avoid light spill around the arena into neighbouring properties. The beam angle is conveniently and exactly 90 degrees which is perfect with one of these in each corner of the arena pointing towards the centre (around 45 degrees from the corner towards the centre). This combination perfectly fills the arena across its entire floorplan, with almost no light spilling outside of the fences and no shadows anywhere in the middle. For more information please click on the website link below. NATIONWIDE DELIVERY

CORE Lighting
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