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Coated wire is a type of electric fencing wire that combines the visibility and strength of traditional wire with the conductivity of electric fencing. It is designed to create a highly effective and visible barrier for containing livestock, such as horses, cattle, or other animals. 
Here are some key features and benefits of Coated wire: 
• Conductivity: Hotcote wire is made up of multiple conductive strands, typically stainless steel or a combination of stainless steel and copper, that allow electricity to flow through the wire. This makes it an effective electric fencing option for containing and controlling livestock. 
• Visibility: Coated wire is typically coated with a highly visible polymer material, often in white, black or brown which makes it easily visible to animals, reducing the likelihood of accidental contact or entanglement. 
• Strength and Durability: Coated wire combines the strength of traditional fencing wire with the added benefits of electric fencing. It is designed to be highly resistant to breaking, stretching, or sagging, providing a durable and reliable fencing solution. 
• Easy Installation: Coated wire is relatively easy to install and can be tensioned tightly with accessories. It can be installed on various types of posts, including wooden posts, metal T-posts, or fiberglass rods. 
• Versatility: Coated wire can be used in a variety of fencing applications, including pasture enclosures, boundary fencing, or paddock divisions. It is suitable for both permanent and temporary fencing needs. 
• Low Maintenance: Once properly installed, Coated wire requires minimal maintenance. Regular inspections and occasional cleaning may be necessary to ensure optimum conductivity. 
It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines when installing and using Coated wire. Proper grounding, energizers, and electrical safety precautions should be implemented to ensure the effective and safe operation of the electric fence system. 
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Hotcote Wire (Horserail)

HotCote Wire is a much needed and far superior alternative to electrified tape or rope often seen on equestrian establishments, where the cost of post and rail fencing cannot be justified. It combines the versatility of an electric tape and rope with the safety of a much more substantial fence and will still be looking great after years of use. ​ 20 Year Guarantee - NATIONWIDE DELIVERY

Hotcote Wire (Horserail)
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