Nobifix- Fencing 

Timber treated with Nobifix® will last as long as tropical 
hardwood, and grows just down the road. The pine wood 
is certified, and is treated and preserved in way that is safe 
for man, animals, plants and the environment. 
Nobifix® products are very sustainable and will not suffer 
from wood-boring pests, or forms of wet and dry rot. 
It does not stain and requires very little maintenance. 
The process of timber treatment and the way is it 
preserved makes Nobifix® unique in the world. 
The timber used for the Nobifix® process, comes only from 
labelled and certified well managed European forests.Mortise fencing can indeed have a very attractive and classic appearance. The use of mortise and tenon joints in fencing adds a touch of craftsmanship and traditional charm to the design. This type of joinery creates a strong and secure connection between fence components, contributing to the overall durability of the fence. 
If you're looking for a fencing solution that not only offers a timeless aesthetic but also provides structural integrity, mortise fencing could be a great choice. Just keep in mind that while the aesthetics are important, especially if you're aiming for a certain style, you should also consider the practical aspects of the fencing, especially when it comes to containing and protecting horses. Combining the visual appeal of mortise fencing with materials and designs that prioritize safety and functionality can result in a well-rounded solution for your needs. 


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Nobifix® products are extremely useful for fences in the equine sector. Timber treated with Nobifix® has been proven to be safe for animals in general, humans and the environment. Nobifix® is easy to use, does not smell or stain, and gives timber a life expectancy at least equal to tropical hardwood. Nobifix® products are a unique alternative for tropical hardwood, creosoted materials, plastic or concrete. We are various options available to suit all budgets. Contact Ruth for more information.

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