Equestrian arena lighting plays a crucial role in ensuring safe and efficient horse riding activities, particularly in indoor arenas or during nighttime events. Proper lighting allows riders and horses to see clearly, enhances visibility of obstacles and jumps, and reduces the risk of accidents. Here are some important factors to consider when it comes to equestrian arena lighting: 
• Brightness: The lighting should be bright enough to illuminate the entire arena evenly, eliminating dark spots and shadows. This ensures optimal visibility for riders, horses, and spectators. The recommended brightness levels can vary depending on the size of the arena and the specific activities taking place. 
• Uniformity: Uniform lighting distribution across the arena is essential to prevent sudden changes in light intensity, which can startle horses. Lighting fixtures should be strategically positioned and aimed to provide consistent illumination throughout the entire riding surface. 
• Glare reduction: Excessive glare can be distracting and uncomfortable for both riders and horses. It's important to select lighting fixtures with appropriate shielding or diffusers to minimize glare. Directing light downward and using fixtures with well-designed optics can help reduce glare effectively. 
• Color temperature: The color temperature of the lighting impacts visibility and the overall atmosphere in the arena. Choosing a color temperature that closely resembles natural daylight (around 5000-6000 Kelvin) is generally preferred, as it provides good visibility and a pleasant environment. 
• Flicker-free lighting: Flickering lights can be disorienting for horses and cause visual discomfort for riders. Ensure that the lighting system used in the arena is designed to provide stable, flicker-free illumination. 
• Energy efficiency: Opt for energy-efficient lighting solutions to minimize operational costs and reduce environmental impact. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a popular choice due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to provide high-quality illumination. 
• Controllability: Incorporating lighting controls into the system allows for flexibility in adjusting light levels and creating different lighting scenes for various activities. Dimming capabilities and zoning options can help optimize lighting conditions for specific areas within the arena. 
• Durability and weather resistance: Equestrian arena lighting should be designed to withstand the rigors of the equestrian environment. Ensure that fixtures are durable, waterproof, and built to withstand potential impacts from flying debris or accidental contact by horses. 
When planning or upgrading equestrian arena lighting, it is advisable to consult with a professional lighting designer or engineer who specializes in sports lighting. They can assess your specific requirements, consider factors like arena size and usage, and recommend the most suitable lighting solution for your needs. 
JC Countryside Ltd 
JC Countryside Ltd 

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We are a UK based lighting provider, offering innovative battery powered LED’s, that are designed and manufactured by CORE Lighting Limited. Using the leading technology we are able to provide high quality, weatherproof lighting specific for any occasion. 
The CORE Equestrian Floodlight is able to meet all of the above criteria required for sufficient equine lighting solutions and is rated IP65 for outdoor use. It is the perfect lighting solution for horse stables or arenas where permanent lighting fixtures are not an option such as when there is no planning permission available for the installation of permanent, mains powered equine floodlights. 
As they are fully rated for outdoor use, our Equestrian Floodlights can be used for both outdoor or indoor areas where large areas require a uniform lighting and because they are battery powered, they can easily be set-up, taken down, and transported anywhere that they are required; great for when you want to use a field for training or riding rather than a manège. 

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