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When it comes to equestrian paddock care, mowers and flails are essential tools for maintaining the pasture and ensuring the safety and well-being of the horses. Mowers are used to cut the grass to an appropriate height, while flails can be used to tackle tougher vegetation such as weeds and brush. Here's some information about mowers and flails commonly used for equestrian paddock care: 
(1) Paddock Mowers: 
Paddock mowers are designed to efficiently cut grass in equestrian areas, keeping the pasture well-maintained and preventing overgrowth. There are different types of mowers available, including: 
• Rotary Mowers: These mowers use a rotating blade underneath a deck to cut the grass. They are versatile and suitable for general grass cutting in paddocks. They come in various sizes, from walk-behind mowers to ride-on mowers, depending on the size of the area. 
• Finishing Mowers: Finishing mowers provide a finer cut and are ideal for areas where a neater appearance is desired, such as around the stable or in show arenas. They typically have multiple blades and a wide cutting width. 
(2) Flail Mowers: 
Flail mowers are robust machines that can handle tougher vegetation and are often used in paddocks with rougher terrain. They have multiple blades or flails attached to a rotating drum or shaft. The flails are designed to swing freely and impact the vegetation, effectively cutting through thick grass, weeds, and brush. Flail mowers are available as tractor-mounted or self-propelled units, and their cutting height can often be adjusted. 
When selecting mowers and flails for equestrian paddock care, consider the size of the area, the type of vegetation you need to tackle, and your specific requirements. It's important to choose equipment that is suitable for your terrain, ensures the safety of the horses, and provides efficient and effective results. Additionally, regular maintenance and proper operation of the machinery are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. 
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Established in the 1930s, Davies Implements Ltd is a family run company with its origins based on sales, service and repair of agricultural machinery. See some of the old pictures from the 1940s. Whilst continuing to serve the farming community, the experience gained over the years has enabled us to diversify into other product lines and industries including that of arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and hiring. In tandem with diversification the company’s customer base has shifted to stradle both rural and urban communities as well as the public sector. Primarily serving the South and West Wales area, we have customers from across the UK. We also import products from the following companies. Octowood Manufacture the creosoted octagonal Octoposts with a 25 year guarantee Logosol Manufacture timber cutting equipment suitable for the hobby to professional user such as planners, molders and sawmills. Kellfri Manufacture a diverse range of machinery for agriculture and forestry suitable for the smaller land owner

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