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Rollers are an essential tool for paddock care and maintenance. They are used to level the ground, compact the soil, and provide a smooth surface. Here are some common types of rollers used for paddock care: 
• Flat Rollers: Flat rollers are the most basic type and consist of a cylindrical drum made of steel or concrete. They are typically pulled or towed behind a tractor. Flat rollers are useful for leveling the ground, breaking up clumps of soil, and pressing down stones or debris. 
• Water-Filled Rollers: These rollers have a hollow drum that can be filled with water to increase their weight. The added weight helps in compacting the soil and creating a smoother surface. Water-filled rollers are particularly effective for smoothing out uneven terrain and packing down loose soil. 
• Pneumatic Rollers: Pneumatic rollers have rubber tires instead of a solid drum. They are filled with air, allowing them to provide a more even and controlled compaction. Pneumatic rollers are suitable for working on sensitive or delicate surfaces where a solid drum might cause damage. 
• Towed Rollers: Towed rollers are designed to be attached to a tractor or ATV using a hitch. They come in various sizes and can be filled with water, sand, or other materials to add weight and increase effectiveness. Towed rollers are versatile and can be used for a range of paddock care tasks. 
• Ballast Rollers: Ballast rollers are similar to flat rollers but have the ability to add additional weight. They usually have compartments that can be filled with sand, water, or gravel to increase their mass. This feature allows for more effective soil compaction and leveling. 
When choosing a roller for your paddock care needs, consider the size of your paddock, the type of terrain, and the specific tasks you want to accomplish. It's also important to follow proper safety guidelines and operating instructions when using any machinery. 
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Established in the 1930s, Davies Implements Ltd is a family run company with its origins based on sales, service and repair of agricultural machinery. See some of the old pictures from the 1940s. Whilst continuing to serve the farming community, the experience gained over the years has enabled us to diversify into other product lines and industries including that of arboriculture, forestry, horticulture and hiring. In tandem with diversification the company’s customer base has shifted to stradle both rural and urban communities as well as the public sector. Primarily serving the South and West Wales area, we have customers from across the UK. We also import products from the following companies. Octowood Manufacture the creosoted octagonal Octoposts with a 25 year guarantee Logosol Manufacture timber cutting equipment suitable for the hobby to professional user such as planners, molders and sawmills. Kellfri Manufacture a diverse range of machinery for agriculture and forestry suitable for the smaller land owner

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