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Horse walkers, also known as horse exercisers or horse treadmills, are mechanical devices used to exercise and train horses. They provide a controlled and safe environment for horses to walk or trot in a circular or oval path without a rider. These machines are commonly used in the equine industry for various purposes, such as warming up or cooling down horses before or after riding, providing low-impact exercise for injured or recovering horses, and keeping horses fit when they can't be ridden regularly. 
Horse walkers typically consist of a circular or oval track with individual spaces or compartments where horses can be secured. The track is enclosed with fencing to prevent horses from stepping out and injuring themselves. The walker's speed can be adjusted to suit the horse's fitness level and exercise requirements. Some horse walkers have additional features like timers, variable speed settings, and even inclines to simulate different terrain. 
Horse walkers are popular in equestrian facilities, training centers, and racetracks as they offer a practical way to exercise multiple horses simultaneously, saving time and effort for handlers and trainers. It's important to note that horse walkers should be used responsibly and under proper supervision to ensure the safety and well-being of the horses using them. 
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